Tuesday, 20 March 2012

* Wedding & Modern Time Gadgets *

Weddings Gadgets ;) 

Bride and Groom Keyboard Dusters
Nothing says lifelong happiness like a clean keyboard! These wedding favors cost $42 for a dozen.
 Enlightened Tuxedo
Now wouldn’t it be weird if your bride showed up in a light-up wedding dress and you wore a tuxedo with zero luminosity? Never fear: the same company that makes the dress will also light up your tux. Phew.

Spinning Bow Tie
At some point, the man who engineered these spinning bow ties worked at the Department of Defense. So they’re really safe bow ties.
The bow ties come in 37 standard colors and cost $40 to $55. There’s also an option to purchase a matching cummerbund – because wearing one that didn’t match your spinning bow tie might look silly.

8-Bit Wedding Invitations
In order to unlock reception details, invited guests of this wedding had to beat a video game that doubled as an invitation.

Enlightened Wedding Dress
About 300 gold-tinted LED lights were installed in this wedding dress to imitate the effect of candlelight. The puffiness of this particular dress provided plenty of places to hide the battery pack, but the folks who made it take custom orders for lighting up just about any garment.

 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks
The reality is that most USB cufflinks just aren’t classy enough to wear in a wedding. Not so with these sleek $195 4GB (2GB each) cufflinks designed by Ravi Ratan.

 Portrait Projecting Ring
From the mid-19th century onwards, images hidden in miniature microphotagraphic lenses called stanhopes have been incorporated into small items like sewing accessories, writing equipment, and pipes. This ring, which is inspired by stanhopes, reveals interchangeable slides of family portraits when light shines through it. Luke Jerram worked with a local jeweler to make the wedding ring for his wife and smashed digital cameras to find the right lens.
 I-Fairy Robot
A couple in Japan garnered much media attention when they chose I-Fairy, a 4-foot tall robot manufactured by Kokoro, to lead their nuptials. As of May, there were only three I-Fairies working around the world. If you have about $68,000 to budget for a minister, you can buy one of your very own.

USB Wedding Ring
No, it’s not a functional USB drive. But it’s the best looking USB drive we’ve ever seen, and believe us, we’ve seen a lot of USB drives. The fiancĂ© of a Microsoft game developer had this geeky ring custom made for him. The interior is engraved with the words, “For a lifetime of memories.”