Sunday, 25 March 2012

* Worst Foods for Our Body and Skin *

There are some more bad foods we take:
HYDROGENATED FATS: These are found in bakery items and stick to the margarines. Studies show that amount of fats are not harmful but the types of fats are worse for body. Avoid cookies, crackers, baked items, crisps and biscuits. These Trans fats clog the arteries and raise the cholesterol in the body. Any thing which is unnatural is not good for the body and skin.
SODA DRINKS: Usually soft drinks or soda drinks have great temptation for us even   for kids and feel much pleasant to drink these but it is the worst way of pouring fluid inside the body. They are full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors. All these are harmful for health, skin and body.
PROCESSED MEAT: Great smell and taste of hot dogs, and bacon pull us towards them. But in their preparation the nitrates used in preserving them which is harmless itself, but converted to nitrites and nitrosamine which is the main cause of cancer.
MICRO WAVED FOODS: We always remain in hurry want to save our time and spent it in watching TV or browsing internet. We use microwaves to avoid the long process of burning stoves and heating things and then washing different pots. We use to practice instant methods. But researches show that micro waved cooked foods brings molecular changes. It brings blood and immune system changes, which make our body more presentable to different abnormalities and diseases.
Beside all these all artificial additives, preservatives and fast foods are worse for health and skin beauty