Friday, 20 April 2012

* The Broken Dreams * - Story of a GirL

Girls have very delicate, sweet and innocent emotions.. When they are at their parents home.. they make them smile.. & when they get married.. they brighten up thier husband's life..They are magical.. they are too flexible , that u can mold them anyway u want..

* I am a GirL *

- I am 19 years old.. Akloti LadLi sister of three brothers...Living like a princess ...A family is coming to see me today... I am feeling so shy and confused..

- I liked him so much... What a teenage girl wants except that…! A well-educated, handsome, well-off man… I liked him with million hearts at first glance. He was just so perfect.. Instead of engagement, my parents decided to do Nikkah & within few months I became Mrs.him …

* Fantasy* Its the most beautiful phase of my life. He calls me from abroad daily…every-second sms, romantic gifts, skyping, chatting all day long.. I am gradually falling in Love with him…He is so caring and loving. We have great Understaning..Uffff ...I am living a fantastic dream.


Just after my bachelors, I became "Dulhan" and officially came to his home..

* Day 1: Its 1st day of my marriage, my mother and sister-in-laws are not so happy, coz my parents didn’t treat them well yesterday. I am so coward..I am so confused.. What a newly wed dulhan can say? My husband is cursing my parents. I don’t know what to do.. I am just quiet. Its the first stage of my Compromise.

* First Week: I am trying my best to adjust in his family. I miss my home badly. My husband doesn’t like to visit my parents often coz it will reduce his value. I am upset. I am trying hard to understand a NEW he. Thumbs up..! I have sucessfully passed another stage of Compromise...

* First Month: Oh, so he smokes as well, Shock after shock… tears after tears… Now I am having an idea about his past affairs too.. So what if he had affairs in past..?! He is all mine now... Lets Compromise & be happy !

* Few Months Later: My in-laws are having so many issues. Why my parents don’t visit me… and when they do, they don’t like it too..! Why my parents didn’t greet them on Eid? and why they didn't bring this and this in Eidi...? I have sealed my lips… gulped my tears… crushed my emotions... I am smiling...I am a Compromising Robot....! Order me, i'll smile.. Beat me up, i'll cry... Threat me, i'll glue my lips and gulp my sobs..

* One Year: All my sorrows have just vanished. I am holding my cutest daughter in my arms.. Everyone is happy. I smiled & closed my eyes…
But why my parents didn’t do the “RASAMS”.. I am being punished…It is hell depressing… I m going through Post Partum depression (Sounds silly...?? give it a Google search. 90% of women go through it, even their life partner don’t know about it. Instead, they curse the girl and her upbringing)

Time passed by… I went through thousands of tortures.. It is limit. I have started shouting now…I can’t bear it anymore…. my husband gets very angry and loses control which leads him to beat me up brutally...
You know what..!? At this stage of my life, I m in the middle of no-where. I have so many options, but no choice to Choose any!
I am emotionless now... Compromising for my daughter... For having my girlie good future & and to give her dads love....I never thought of separation.
Nothing lasts forever, and so does my pain.. Probably..!?

* Year 2011: This is year 2011 and this is Me ;) I am a woman of 21st century. A modern educated girl who knows her all rights. I m living a life with a beautiful daughter and husband in the valley of love & Peace and yes..Compromise!.... I have a well decorated house, a cutest daughter... I enjoy facebooking, I post my "HapPy FamiLy" pictures and get hundreds of Likes... & yes..! when he beats me up.. I wear layers of makeup and smile :)
Don't speak loudly.. don't Whisper.. So that I can't hear you..
My crushed emotions and dried tears have just slept...I dont want my wishes to wake up.. I have made them sleep after years of Compromises.. and Sacrifices ..!
Let them die..

[A True story of my friend]
Its really difficult to word such emotions.

Writer : Saira Ali